Tadam co : Manager of today’s events and artists!

Since 1997, Chantal Fortin has organized events across the country. She now uses her experience and talent to help cultural events and artists reach new heights.




Event management

redline Chantal grew up in a musical environment and has organized events for many years. It’s not surprising that she specializes in services to help support artistic events. Her sensitivity, analytical capabilities, interpersonal and leadership skills make her a sought-after project manager.


Artist management

redline Chantal has a great passion for music. She has taken the career of emerging singer-songwriter Gab Padilla under her wing. This young artist has already travelled throughout Western Canada and the US with his guitar and mandolin, and is now in Montreal, recording tunes written along the way. Keep your eyes out for Gab Padilla!



redline Tadam co represents the Quebecois folk band Les Chauffeurs à pieds and the Siffleurs de nuit.